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  • 1. Radar Detector (Cover)
  • 2. Dirty Old Town (Cover)
  • 3. Sea of Love (Cover)
  • 4. Harper Lee (Cover)
  • 5. Mother We Share (Cover)
  • 6. Riptide (Cover)
  • 7. Summertime Sadness (Cover)
  • 8. Take me to Church (Cover)

Fellas is an acoustic ensemble, formed of a Spring in 2014 i nGaillimh. The band members include: Seán McLoughlin, Claire Lavin, Colm Bohan and Grace Lavin. We spend our time in between performances around the country recording/jamming/practicing in the beautiful home and garden of the Hopkins-Lavin's atop the valley of Knock Shrine. These natural and colourful surroundings lend themselves to our organic, "sweet" sound.

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